The EMCmini series of conferences are scheduled on an as-needed basis. They provide a high-value, low cost training venue for new engineers who are just getting started into EMC Test technology as well as experienced engineers who want more details on a particular aspect of EMC compliance testing. Most other venues that offer similar training are usually either priced at much more prohibitive levels or offer highly specialized training that may be ineffective for the new engineer. The EMCmini Seminars are designed to give the EMC Engineer or Technician a friendly and useful place for practical training, procedures and techniques rather than becoming immersed into theoretical baseline information.

This EMCmini Event is NEW for 2016. It will be tightly focused on the subject of compliance testing for Lightning; specifically enabling you to test and pass requirements for CS117 & DO160 testing. You will learn about upcoming changes in the specifications and how to test for them.

Join us and get answers to the following:

  • What standards and regulations do I have to meet?
  • What are some of the key design principals?
  • How to do I troubleshoot a failing product?
  • Who can provide help?
  • What equipment is needed for in house testing?

Our speakers come from multiple industries and have long-term, focused experience in the core area of EMC testing to meet Lightning requirements. Each are highly knowledgeable and respected within the EMC engineering community. They will teach you about the current relevant standards and regulations as well as a review of upcoming changes that may be expected. You will learn how the basics of product testing for EMC compliance.

You should attend if:

  • You are new to Lightning testing and you’d like some plain talk along with information and answers
  • You were tagged to be your organization's in-house lightning expert
  • Your company has experienced failures during rigorous Lightning testing at a test house
  • You are experienced in EMC and you would like to expand your knowledge base to new areas
  • You have been wondering about how the new EMC standards might impact your work

Please register soon as space is very limited for these events.