Compliance Workshop & Exhibition

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2023 Symposium

Join us in Los Angeles for our one-day symposium. Experience a day of learning, networking, and discovery. Explore real-world success stories of EMC engineers who transformed their careers through EMCMini Symposiums.

We are bringing you a mix of the basics in this strange science as well as a taste of the depth of its reach into our society through experts whose credibility, knowledge and capabilities are clear and unquestioned. You cannot possibly spend the day with us and not learn something new and exciting about the world of Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

All of us are faced with the challenges and effects of EMC/EMI on a daily basis. The primary goal of our events is focused on providing training to a new generation of EMC engineers.

The EMCmini Symposiums are intended to help impart knowledge and an understanding of this information to the engineers who are tasked with working in this area of knowledge which is often untaught and difficult to delve into.


October 19, 2023

Who is left?
What will we find?
Dive into the World of
Electro Magnetic Compatibility!

Embassy Suites Hotel LAX South

1440 E. Imperial Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245


Gauss Instruments


HV Technologies






Updates to our list of exhibitors and vendors will happen over the course of the next 1.5 months. Please be sure to check back often.

Absolute EMC
Amplifier Research
Avalon Test Equipment
Caprock Technical Services
DNB Engineering
DNB Engineering
Gauss Instruments
HV Technologies
InCompliance magazine
Leader Tech
Lightning EMC
Microwave Vision Group
Microwave Vision Group
Ophir RF
rhode schwartz
Toyo Corportation

The EMCmini Symposium is NEW for 2023

It is focused on the subject of testing for proof of compliance to EMC & ESD standards required by US and Global markets. From demonstrations and presentations, you will learn about detecting, localizing and reducing or eliminating unwanted RF energy from your manufactured RF devices.

Join us and get answers to the following:


  • What standards and regulations do I have to meet?
  • What changes have recently occurred to those standards?
  • What are some of the key design principals?
  • Why are Global considerations important and relevant to my success?
  • Who can provide help?
  • What equipment is needed for in house testing?
  • How to do I troubleshoot a failing product?
  • What is the difference between 'Pre' and 'Full' compliance testing?