2015 Speakers

Our speakers have at least 35 years of EMC experience in applied EMC design and test engineering. You will learn from the best! You will also be introduced to outstanding products and services from our exhibitors.

Program Technical Lead – Ghery S. Pettit, NCE

Ghery S. Pettit, NCE has been directly involved in EMC matters of one kind or another for the past 39 years. Mr Pettit is currently a member of ASC C63® SC 1, the US Technical Advisory Groups for CISPR SC I and IEC SC77B and is a member of CISPR SC I WG2 and WG4. Mr. Pettit has also been active in various leadership positions in the IEEE EMC Society, starting with serving as the founding Secretary/Treasurer of the Littleton, Colorado chapter in 1983 and most recently as the 2014/2015 Immediate Past President of the Society. He has held numerous positions at the Chapter, Section and Society level in the intervening years.

Technical Speaker – Mark Montrose NCE

Mark Montrose is principle consultant of Montrose Compliance Services, Inc., a full service regulatory compliance firm specializing in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and industrial product safety. His consulting services include design analysis at the circuit, component and system level. Mark is a world-class expert on all aspects of applied printed circuit board and system design with a large international client base. Mark is an iNARTE Master EMC Design Engineer and past Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE EMC Society. He has presented technical papers at International EMC Symposiums worldwide. Mr. Montrose has authored several best-selling textbooks focused on EMC, including: EMC Made Simple® - Printed Circuit Board and System Design, 2014

Technical Speaker – Edward Nakauchi NCE

Ed has a BSEE & MSEE plus over forty years of engineering experience. He began with analog, power and digital design, leading into EMI/EMC/EMP and ESD areas for military/aerospace companies and commercial audio/computer/medical companies. Ed has written numerous technical papers and magazine articles and presented seminars on EMI/EMC/EMP/ESD topics for many companies. Some of the projects that he has worked on include the Space Shuttle, Global Positioning Satellite, Splash Mountain & Rocket Rod rides for Disneyland and the B-2. He is an iNARTE Certified EMC/ESD Engineer with senior membership in the IEEE.

Technical Speaker – Shirish Shah

Shirish is the Founder and President of Compatible Electronics - an independent EMC test laboratory. He is also President of Compower Corp. Com-Power designs and manufactures a great variety of EMC test equipment. Mr. Shah was born in India and moved to the USA in 1972 for further education after receiving his B. Tech, EE from the Indian Institute of Technology. He received his MS EE from the University of Hawaii in 1973. By 1983, Shirish started consulting for EMC compliance design. He has given extended, indepth EMC training to more than 100 engineers, technicians and technical managers and facilitated a more focused EMC assistance and training to thousands of clients.

Technical Speaker – Darryl Ray NCE

Darryl Ray is the founder and Principal Consultant for Darryl Ray EMC Consulting, LLC. He has more than 35 years EMC experience working in the medical device, ITE and defense industries. Mr. Ray has performed EMC engineering on well over 100 products and has built 8 EMC complete EMC labs from scratch including several 10 meter semi-anechoic chambers. Darryl is an iNarte Certified Master EMC Design Engineer and a Senior Member of the IEEE. Darryl is an active member of IEC Technical Committee 62A, Maintenance Team 23 for IEC 60601-1-2 and also a member of the US national committees for CISPR 11, 22, 24, 32 and 35.