Vendor options for 2016 Lightning Seminar

Join Us! Here are some details on how you can join our event and present your products to our technical community:

The EMCmini Symposiums first started in late 2015 when we planned and presented three events in three different locations – Phoenix, Irvine and San Jose. The events were successful with our Irvine event being sold out and the other two having satisfactory attendance by EMC engineers from around the nearby territories. For 2016, the symposium is slightly changed in format, but we expect to be even more popular.

Our Target Market: These events are particularly targeted for EMC Engineers and Managers. In general, we present material that is of value to both new as well as highly experienced engineers. This year, we are slightly more focused onto EMC/EMI staff who are concerned about how to meet the test requirements imposed by MIL-STD-461 CS117 and DO-160 Section 22. We estimate minimum 60 attendees to a max of 110.

Cost: The attendee registration cost is $99.00-$119.00. Vendor cost is $650.00 for a Table-top style exhibit or slightly more, $950.00 for a full 10’ booth space. For our 2016 event, vendor attendance has been somewhat minimized. No vendor will have a competitor at the event and the total number of vendors/exhibitors will be no more than a dozen.

Location Particularities: At the Hotel Fullerton (AKA Crowne Plaza Hotel-Fullerton), all vendors will set up in the same room as the technical presentations. The room is quite large and there will be no crowding at all. All spaces will have power. There are no additional charges for any vendor. Set up on the morning of the event is assumed for all vendors but if you need room access the night before, we may be able to arrange it. Lunch, drinks and all-day snacks are presented within the same area.

Event Format: This will be a ONE-FULL-DAY event. The morning session will start with ‘basic training’ for Induced Lightning testing and may include some demonstrations. A fine lunch at our hotel is included for all attendees and vendors. The afternoon session will continue the training focus with additional topics on how to design/build & test to meet Lightning requirements. A ‘Q/A’ panel type session will close our seminar by no later than 4pm.

Lightning Demonstration: After our formal seminar has concluded, an optional Direct Lightning Test Demonstration has been scheduled at the nearby DNB Lightning facility. All attendees and vendors are invited to this event. Food and drinks will be served and additional test engineers will be present to answer questions. The Direct Lightning Test Demonstration will conclude by 7 or 8pm.

For questions and additional information on becoming an exhibitor, please contact us at 1-844-EMC-minj (844-362-6465)