EMCmini 2016 Lightning Seminar

You should attend if:

  • You are new to Lightning testing and you’d like some plain talk along with info and answers
  • You were tagged to be you organization’s in-house lightning expert
  • Your company has experienced failures during rigorous Lightning test at a test house
  • You are experienced in EMC and you would like to expand your knowledge base to new areas
  • You have been wondering about how the new EMC standards might impact your work

Session Schedule

We are pleased to present the following sessions.

Session 1 – Review of Lightning / Standards and Specifications

Speaker – John Stanford

Session 2 – MIL-STD-461G, Method CS117 and Protection Approaches

Speaker – John Stanford

Session 3 – Lightning Generators

Speaker – Nolan Broaddus


Session 4 – Lightning Testing Applications

Speaker – Bryan Broaddus

Session 5 – Lightning Testing Equipment

Speaker – Roy Talley

Session 6 – Conclusion: Ask The Experts

This is a great opportunity to get those nagging questions and concerns answered. All of our speakers will be present to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Optional Social Gathering with Open House &
Live Demo of Direct Effects Lightning

All vendors and attendees are invited to DNB Engineering’s new Lightning Test Facility in Anaheim to witness demonstrations of Direct Effects Lightning testing. Food and drinks will be served.