2021 Registration


Thank you for taking your time to visit the EMC Mini website and for making the decision to register for our event.


We have decided to postpone our October 7th event due to Covid-19. However, we are already looking at rescheduling for April 2022. Likely April 19th.


The Program/Agenda, Speakers, and Exhibitors will remain the same. Also remaining the same are the prices. These prices are scheduled to go up in 2022, but if you act now, you can lock in your spot at the current rates.


If you would still like to register for the new date, you may do so by clicking on one of the options below.


Absolute EMC
Amplifier Research
astrodyne tdi
Caprock Technical Services
Gauss Instruments
HV Technologies
InCompliance magazine
Leader Tech
lightning emc
Microwave Vision Group
Ophir RF
rhode schwartz
Toyo Corporation

The EMCmini Symposium is NEW for 2021

It is focused on the subject of testing for proof of compliance to EMC & ESD standards required by US and Global markets. From demonstrations and presentations, you will learn about detecting, localizing and reducing or eliminating unwanted RF energy from your manufactured RF devices.

Join us and get answers to the following:


  • What standards and regulations do I have to meet?
  • What are some of the key design principals?
  • How to do I troubleshoot a failing product?
  • Who can provide help?
  • What equipment is needed for in house testing?
  • What is the difference between ‘Pre’ and ‘Full’ compliance testing?
  • Why are Global considerations important and relevant to my success?