2016 Speakers

Our speakers come from multiple industries and have long-term, focused experience in the core area of EMC testing to meet Lightning requirements. Each are highly knowledgeable and respected within the EMC engineering community. They will teach you about the current relevant standards and regulations as well as a review of upcoming changes that may be expected. You will learn how the basics of product testing for EMC compliance.

Technical Speaker – Roy Talley

Roy Talley started his engineering career with the Naval Ship Engineering Center on the mechanical engineering side. Position had nothing to do with EMI/EMC. Roy entered the EMC world with Hopkins Engineering in San Fernando, California designing custom EMI Filters. A few years later, Roy was recruited by Al Parker as quality engineer for Solar Electronics Co. Roy was at Solar Electronics for the next 39 plus years. From quality assurance, Roy moved to product design, sales and finally General Manager. In 2014, Roy was asked to form the EMC division of Ophir RF. Enticed by the new and exciting opportunity, Roy made the move to Ophir EMC. Roy is very active in his community coaching and officiating Little League Baseball and AYSO Soccer, former planning commissioner and city councilman, served as director on Boy’s and Girl’s club board. Extremely active with Kiwanis.

Technical Speaker – John Stanford

John Stanford, M.Sc., NCE is the Director of Engineering at DNB Engineering, Inc. in Fullerton, California. John has over 30 years experience in EMC-related product development and test, power electronics, circuit design and antenna design. He is very familiar with the latest MIL-STD-461 and DO-160 standards. John also provides EMI consultation to industry and teaches introductory classes on EMC. Prior to DNB, John worked in the aerospace industry for Sperry Flight Systems, Glendale, AZ, Sundstrand Corporation, Rockford, IL, and Allied Signal, Torrance, CA. John received his BS (‘83) and MS (’96) degrees in Electrical Engineering. He also holds two iNARTE certifications for both EMC Engineering (EMC-001361-NE) and Design (EMDCD-00228-E). John is a member of the IEEE, dB society and a lifetime member of the A.R.R.L.

Technical Speaker – Bryan Broaddus

Bryan Broaddus is Co-Owner and President of DNB Engineering, Inc. Bryan has over 35 years experience in EMC and Lightning testing.

Technical Speaker – Steve Cook

Steve Cook is the Director of Lightning Operations at DNB Engineering, Inc. Steve has over 30 years of experience in high energy and lightning related test programs. He designed, constructed and currently operates DNB Engineering’s Direct Effects Lighting Laboratory. Steve’s vast capabilities also include designing and building lightning and transient pulse generators. He is highly skilled in welding, software integration, explosive atmosphere testing, high voltage electrical and mechanical design. Steve is a member of SAE AE-2 Lightning Committee. The SAE AE-2 Lightning committee addresses all facets of aircraft lightning strikes and its effects on aircraft–design, testing, measurement, procedures, and in-service experience. The group serves as the U.S. focal point for providing technical guidance and interaction with the international technical communities with regard to protection of aerospace vehicles in the lightning and related atmospheric electrical environments. Steve also serves on the RTCA Committee as the DO-160 Section 23 Change Coordinator. The RTCA Committee is responsible for the content of DO-160 and the ARP 5412, 5413, 5414, 5415 & 5416 standards.

Technical Speaker – Nolan Broaddus

Nolan Broaddus is the Associate Vice President of Production at DNB Engineering. Nolan is responsible for DNB Engineering’s product line, as well as the extensive internal product needs for DNB’s EMC Laboratory. The grandson of Alwyn Broaddus, EMC pioneer and founder of DNB Engineering, Nolan has effectively grown up in the EMC lab and has learned from some of the best minds in the EMC world. Prior to becoming Associate Vice President of Production, he spent years in the EMC test lab developing specialized test equipment and preforming the full spectrum of testing provided by DNB Engineering.