EMC Mini 2015 Workshops

We are pleased to present the following workshops. As the day will pass quickly, you are encouraged to choose the topics of interest, come and go as you like in order to also visit the exhibits area.

Workshop 1 – Introduction to EMC

Speaker - Ghery Pettit, Pettit EMC Consulting

  • EMC - What is it and why do we care?
  • Regulations pertaining to products
  • History – how did we get to where we are today?
  • Example – a product that helped drive the need for EMC regulations
  • Design – 50,000 ft. view on an EMC problem
  • Where to go for more information

Workshop 2 - Standards and Regulations

Speaker - Ghery Pettit, Pettit EMC Consulting

  • What sort of matters are covered by standards?
  • What are some examples of standards?
  • Where might you go to get standards?
  • How are products shown to meet standards for regulatory bodies?
  • What sort of approval processes are there?

Workshop 3 - Why is EMC So Difficult?

Speaker - Shirish Shaw, Compatible Electronics

  • Where does noise come from?
  • How does electromagnetic energy get in or leave the product?
  • Hidden antenna in your product

Workshop 4 – EMC Instrumentation Considerations

Speaker - Shirish Shaw, Compatible Electronics

  • Antennas
  • Amplifiers
  • Other Tools for EMC Testing

Workshop 5 - Introduction to EMC Testing

Speaker - Darryl Ray, Darryl Ray EMC Consulting, LLC

  • Important lab requirements
  • Radiated emissions & immunity test considerations
  • ESD Testing
  • Other Tests
  • Testing at multiple labs
  • Pro and cons of Informal “Pre-testing”
  • Troubleshooting techniques at the lab
  • Bench-top level troubleshooting

Workshop 6 - EMC theory: Transmission Lines and Electromagnetics Without the Math

Speakers - Mark Montrose, Montrose Compliance Services, Inc.  (Mesa and Milpitas), Edward Nakauchi (Irvine)

  • Description of signal integrity and its relationship to the field of electromagnetics
  • Simplified analysis of lossy and lossless transmission lines
  • Maxwell’s equations converted to simplified algebra or Ohm’s Law
  • RF propagation associated with antenna structures with regard to near- and far-field conditions

Workshop 7 – PC Board Design and Layout to Achieve Signal Integrity and EMC

Speakers - Mark Montrose, Montrose Compliance Services, Inc.  (Mesa and Milpitas), Edward Nakauchi (Irvine)

  • Three major concerns to achieve signal integrity and EMC
  • Having a stable power distribution network
  • Optimizing the RF return path
  • Grounding and referencing

Workshop 8 - System Design:  System Level Concerns; Shielding and Filtering

Speakers - Mark Montrose (Mesa and Milpitas), Edward Nakauchi (Irvine)

  • Simplified transmission line theory related to shielding
  • Absorption and reflection; which one provides the greatest benefit for a specific frequency range
  • Understanding filters including proper selection of ferrite beads

Conclusion - Ask The Experts

This is a great opportunity to get those nagging questions and concerns answered. All of our speakers will be present to answer your questions and provide guidance on solving your EMC problems.